Japanese In Their 20s Are All Otaku? The 5 Most Popular Karaoke Songs Revealed (Video)

It's time for some karaoke!
According to a new top 5 list being reported on by Gadget News the five most popular karaoke songs of 2016 among Japanese people in their 20s are all either anime songs or Vocaloid songs.

The top 5 list was revealed on the January 16th episode of the television quiz show, "Nakai Masahiro VS geinojin 50nin! seidai betsu kuizu genereshon janpu (中居正広VS芸能人50人! 世代別クイズバトル ジェネレーションチャンプ). The results are based on data obtained from 10,000 members of the karaoke service Joysound.

Keeping in line with the spirit of the list, all of the videos below are for cover versions of the original song. Enjoy!

5. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (君の知らない物語)
Artist: supercell

Released in 2009, this song was used as the ending theme for the anime Bakemonogatari.


4. Senbon Zakura (千本桜)
Artist: WhiteFlame featuring Hatsune Miku

Released in 2011, this popular song features Hatsune Miku, the "virtual idol" whose voice is generated using the singing synthesizer software, Vocaloid. If you'd like to watch the original video (with English subtitles) check it out here.

3. Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko Dake

Artist: AOP (A応P)

Released in 2015, this song was used as the opening theme for the anime, Osomatsu-san. You can watch the official music video here.

2. Lion (ライオン)
Artist: May’n and Megumi Nakajima

Released in 2008, "Lion" was used as the second opening theme for the anime Macross Frontier.

1. Sugar Song and Bitter Step


Released in 2015, this song was used as the ending theme for the anime Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen). You can check out the official music video here.

So, are Japanese people in their 20s really all otaku? No, of course not. Although there's no doubt that these are all very popular songs there are many factors that affected the results of this list. For example, according to Gadget News Joysound has a fairly substantial catalog of anime songs. So otaku may specifically look for establishments that have Joysound karaoke machines, thus resulting in this very otaku leaning list.

In the end though, this is still a great list with some really excellent high-energy songs that seem like they would be really fun to sing the next time you go to karaoke with your friends. So pick your favorite and give it a shot.
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