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Japan’s National Theater Does Amazing Cover Of PPAP (Video)

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PPAP won’t die!

The latest PPAP cover comes straight from some of the most well-respected and talented musicians of the traditional Japanese music genre and it’s pretty impressive..

On January 13th Japan’s National Theater released their own unique take on Pikotaro’s smash hit, PPAP. Their version is called PNSP and as you’d expect from musicians that typically play the music at Kabuki shows, they go for a completely traditional Japanese sound. With its use of hand drums, taiko drums, flute and shamisen this song makes you feel like you’re listening to something from a samurai movie soundtrack.

PNSP stands for Pen-Sanpo-Nurisanpo-Pen. A sanpo is a type of small table on which offerings to the gods are placed on. A nurisanpo is a lacquered version of a sanpo.

The video also features the National Theater’s stagehand mascot, Kurogo-chan, performing those wacky dance moves that Pikotaro showed off in his viral video, PPAP.

Even if you’re tired of Pikotaro and PPAP this is a must watch. Not only is the quality of the performance top notch but the fact that some of Japan’s best musicians of the traditional Japanese music genre are performing one of the most ridiculous songs ever makes watching this video truly entertaining. Check it out below.

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