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Pikotaro Releases Video Of His EPIC YouTube FanFest Japan 2016 PPAP Performance

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PPAP cannot be contained.

On Monday Pikotaro posted a video to his official YouTube channel of his incredibly epic PPAP performance at the 2016 YouTbe FanFest live event held on December 20th at the Tokyo International Forum.

The video begins with an amazing introduction that might make some people think they mistakenly clicked on a documentary about the history of humanity rather than anything Pikotaro related. However, at around the 50 second mark the intro begins to focus on the history of that quirky little internet sensation that made Pikotaro famous, PPAP.

And then once the introduction ends, Pikotaro makes his grand entrance. At the mere mention of his name the crowd goes wild and they go wild yet again once he utters those four letters that swept the internet, PPAP.

After a fairly typical rendition of PPAP Pikotaro launches into a truly entertaining medley of some of the most well-known covers of his famous song, including the death metal version of PPAP done by Danny Metal and the ballad version done by MoritzGarthTV.

And to top it all off the live performance even made use of augmented reality technology.

To think that a strange little song about a pen, a pineapple and an apple could come this far. In a strange way, it’s kind of inspiring. Anyway, check out the performance below.

What do you think? Have you had enough PPAP? Or did you enjoy this unique performance?

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