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Demons Appear In Osaka Aquarium (Video)

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Your puny beans are no match for this shield of glass!
In anticipation of the Japanese holiday of Setsubun, a couple of divers dressed up as Japanese demons (oni) made a surprise appearance on January 20th at Osaka’s famous Kaiyukan Aquarium.
Japanese demons or, oni, are strongly associated with the holiday of Setsubun, which is celebrated every year on February 3rd. On this day many people across Japan participate in a ritual intended to ward off misfortune and welcome in good luck. The ritual involves throwing roasted soybeans at, yep, you guessed it, oni.

Although oni are seen as a symbolic representation of evil and misfortune the couple of oni that showed up in the massive whale shark tank at the Osaka aquarium seemed like pretty nice guys. During their appearance, they not only waved at all the people watching them, they also played rock-paper-scissors with the children on the other side of the glass. Check out the oni divers in the video below.

Source: Sankei West

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