Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton In New 360° Music Video

Right in time for Trump's inauguration
The Japanese music group Recojo released the music video for their debut single, “Kakumei Zenya LOVE" (LOVE The Night Before the Revolution"), and apparently both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are big fans of the group because they both make appearances in the video.
Trump, making Japanese music videos great again
The new video, which was released on Thursday, allows viewers to look 360° around a restaurant filled with a number of Japanese entertainers, including the three members of Recojo, various Japanese YouTubers and many others. However, aside from these Japanese entertainers the video also features appearances by both the newly inaugurated President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his former rival Hillary Clinton... kind of.

There's a lot going on in this video so you may have to watch it more than once in order to catch it all..Also, if you happen to have a VR headset you may want to use it but even without one you can still enjoy the video. You'll just have to scroll around manually.

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Source: Barks Japan Music Network
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