Home commercial Justin Bieber Teams Up With Japanese Cell Phone Company SoftBank In New Ad Campaign (Video)

Justin Bieber Teams Up With Japanese Cell Phone Company SoftBank In New Ad Campaign (Video)

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Justin Bieber wants you to be a SoftBank customer

The Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank announced at a press event on Monday that the Canadian pop star Justin Bieber will be part of its brand new advertising campaign aimed at Japanese students.

At the event SoftBank also unveiled its new TV commercial, which along with a brief appearance by Bieber prominently features model/actress Suzu Hirose (18) and singer/actress Sakurako Ohara (21).

The commercial attempts to sell SoftBank’s student cell phone plan by having Hirose and Ohara talk about the relationship today’s youth has with smartphones. At the beginning of the commercial, Hirose mentions that smartphones are a part of everyday life for students today. Then, at the end of the TV spot, both Hirose and Ohara can be heard proudly declaring that they are the first generation to have grown up with smartphones.

SoftBank is “off the chain!”

About halfway through the commercial Bieber makes a brief video appearance. In the version of the commercial seen below Bieber can be heard saying gakuwatteru, which is a reference to SoftBank’s student discount plan. As for the commercial’s soundtrack, Bieber fans will be happy to know that SoftBank used the pop star’s hit song “What do you mean?” Check out the commercial below.

At the press event SoftBank also revealed a video message from Bieber that he recorded for Hirose and Ohara. Bieber’s message can be seen in the video below at the 2 minute and 31 second mark. The video below also features an alternate longer version of the commercial in which Bieber speaks only in English.

What do you think? Do you want more Bieber in SoftBank commercials? Maybe he should do a commercial with SoftBank’s mascot, Otosan the dog. That would definitely be fun to watch.

Source: Oricon News, Phone Mania

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