This Mischeivous Robot Can Help You Improve Your English

A video featuring a smart-aleck robot helping Pikotaro improve his English pronunciation skills hit YouTube late last month .

The robot in the video is called Musio. It features a deep learning based AI program developed by AKAIntelligence that truly makes it stand out from previous similar products. This AI engine gives Musio the ability to engage in conversations, learn past conversations, recognize objects and understand people’s facial expressions. It also has its own emotion engine and it is said to have a “mischievous” personality.

 This video features Musio X, which is the latest version of Musio. Musio X is being advertised as a fun way for practice and learn English. Musio X is set to be released this coming spring. However, if you’d like to get your hands on one you should probably start saving now because according to Robot Start, Musio X will cost 91,000 yen (about 775 U.S. dollars). Included with the purchase of a Musio X is one year of “AI service.” However, after the first year continued AI service will require monthly payments.

The combination of Musio's "mischeivous" attitude and Pikotaro's reactions make this video really fun to watch. So even if you're a bit tired of the whole PPAP thing I'd say it's still worth checking it out, even if it's just to check out Musio.


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