Pony On The Loose In Shibuya

At a little before 7:00 PM on December 15th police received reports that a pony was roaming loose in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward.

According to police, the pony escaped from a pet shop near Ebisu Station. The pony caused a small uproar on the campus of the Shibuya university where it was found. About 20 to 30 university students watched the pony eat the university lawn’s grass during the approximately 30 minutes it took for the shop owner to come get the fugitive animal.

According to the pet shop owner, they noticed that the 3-year old male pony had gone missing from his cage at around 6:00 PM that evening. Pet shop are uncertain how the two locks of the pony’s cage came undone. The pony is now back in the pet shop and was not injured during his roughly hour long solo outing.

At least the pony didn’t end up in Shibuya’s famous crosswalk or else it might have freaked out and somebody could have gotten hurt (including the pony). Although it’s quite short you can see the video that someone took of the pony below.

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