Momoiro Clover Z Releases Christmas Themed Promotional Video

On December 24th the idol group Momoiro Clover Z released a Christmas themed promotional video for their new album called “MCZ WINTER SONG COLLECTION,” which just went on sale on December 23rd.

The main song featured in the video is called “Santa san,” however, the video also features a medley of songs from the group’s latest album. The album contains a total of 10 songs plus a special bonus track.

The video also prominently features Shigeru Matsuzaki, a Japanese singer and actor, who in the West is best known for his work on the Katamari Damacy soundtrack and performing the theme songs for the anime series Nerima DaikonBrothers. Matsuzai is also known for making surprise appearances at Momoiro Clover Z’s live performances. He made one such appearance at the group’s December 24th Christmas concert, where part of this promotional video was debuted.

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