Man Tries To Steal Life Rings And Beach Balls Because He "Likes" Them

A man in Saitama Prefecture was arrested after he was caught allegedly trying to steal life rings and beach balls from a public pool.

ccording to police, at about 11:00 PM on December 24th, Shintaro Tkaichi, 27, was trespassing at a public pool in Saitama City’s Minami Ward. Takaichi was found by a security guard after he tripped the pool facility’s security alarm. Police found life rings and beach balls in Takaichi’s bag. Takaichi was arrested for trespassing and is also being investigated for suspicion of theft.

In response to police inquiries Takaichi was quoted by police as saying “I snuck into the pool grounds with the intent to steal the life rings and beach balls because I like them” and “Last time when I came (to the pool), I saw that people had forgotten to take their life rings and such. I thought that it would be a waste to let them get thrown away so I thought I would steal them."

What exactly does “liking” life rings and beach balls entail? Does he hang them up in his room or show them off to his friends? Or maybe he actually takes them to pools and uses them? I guess we’ll never know.

Source: TBS News

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