Panty Pervs Are Polite In Japan

On December 6th police in Kumamoto Prefecture revealed that at about 7:00 PM on December 3rd a man in the city of Arao approached a female high school student returning home on her bicycle and asked her for her panties. The man was quoted as saying “Would you give me the panties you are currently wearing?”

According to police, the man was between 30 to 35-years old, had a medium build, short hair and seemed like he was a company worker.

Japanese perverts sure love their panties. As opposed to others that either steal panties or forcibly take them from their victims this guy seems to prefer a more "gentlemanly" approach. I have to wonder though, did this guy actually expect the girl to get off her bike, take off her panties and just hand them over to him? I guess so, otherwise why ask? If he’s going to just ask girls for their panties he may as well just ask them out. No? Doesn’t that seem like it has more of a chance of working? But I guess that’s not what this guy is after. He just wants the panties, no strings attached.

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