Santas Take Over Japan's Tallest Building

On December 23rd 327 people dressed up as Santa Clause gathered at Japan’s tallest building, Osaka’s Abeno Harukas as part of a special Christmas event.

This was the second year this event was held but it was the first year that the event organizer, Kintetsu Real Estate Company, was able to meet its goal of 300 Santas. Event organizers were aiming for 300 because Abeno Harukas, the building where the event was held, is 300 meters (984 feet) tall. Last year, only 186 Santas attended due in part to bad weather.

Although this was obviously Kintetsu’s way of getting people to come to the building they own and spend money it still seems like a fun little event, which given this year's success will probably be held again next year. So if you happen to be in Osaka around December 23rd next year you may want to get your hands on a Santa costume and join in on the fun.

Source: Sankei WEST
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