Japan Post Hires Alpaca (Video)

On December 7th Japan Post released a commercial for their Yu-Pack delivery service which features an alpaca delivery worker.

The new commercial is a parody of a series of Yu-Pack commercials featuring popular comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto. In the original series of commercials Matsumoto plays a Yu-Pack delivery worker who is known for being “baka majime” (incredibly hard-working and serious). However, even though the part of the delivery worker was played by Matsumoto, one of the most well-known comedians in Japan, these commercials were not particularly comical. Instead they primarily focused on showing the viewer how dedicated and hard-working Yu-Pack delivery workers are.

The parody, entitled “paka majime” (a play on alpaca and baka), features many of the same exact scenes as the original, except this time with a “majime” (hard-working, serious) 8-month old alpaca named Taichi.

Paka Majime (Parody Version)

 Baka Majime (Original Version)

The creators of the parody even made sure to make some amusing changes to many of the lines of dialogue found in the original. For example, in the original, several men in a bar are complaining about how Matsumoto’s character isn’t any fun because of how serious he always is. One of the men complains about how Matsumoto even dresses “seriously” by saying “He has his shirt tucked into his pants 100% of the time!” However, in the parody version this line is changed and instead the man makes a reference to the fact that the alpaca has fur and thus does not need clothes by saying “Everything he wears is 100% his own!”  The next line, also spoken by one of the men at the bar is also changed in a similar fashion, this time from “Even when he comes here he only drinks milk!” to “Even when he comes here he only eats grass!”  Finally, at the end of the parody version of the commercial, the woman that receives the package from Taichi (the alpaca) tells him “You’re cuter than the person in the commercial!”

Source: Excite News

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