14 Year Old Attacks 24 Year Old Stepdad With Bug Spray And Scissors

On the evening of the December 18th in the city of Yotsukado in Chiba Prefecture a 14-year old boy was arrested for allegedly attempting to murder his 24-year old stepfather.

According to police, at about 10:30 PM on December 18th the junior high school student sprayed insecticide in his stepfather’s face and then proceeded to stab him in the head with a pair of scissors multiple times. The injuries sustained by the stepfather are reported to be minor.

The mother of the boy, who is 46-years old, called the police and they arrested the boy after they arrived. The woman was quoted by police as saying “The two of them don’t get along.”

Watch the video below for TomoNews Japan's recreation of this story.

I’m not sure what’s crazier about this story, the way the 14-year old attacked his step father or the ages of everyone involved. The stepfather is actually much closer to his stepson’s age than he is to his wife’s age. In fact, he is so much younger than her that he could easily be her son. There is even a small chance that his wife is older than his own mother. Anyway, it is quite clear from this incident that this isn’t simply a matter of “not getting along” as the mother said. There are some major problems in this household and hopefully the police take this as an opportunity to help this family rather than to simply lock up this boy.

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