How To Use Toilets In Japan

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The Japanese mobile phone operator NTT DcCoMo has released an English language comedic video aimed at people visiting Japan.

The video, entitled “HOW TO USE TOILETS in JAPAN” has two main segments. The first half deals with, what one would expect given the title, how to use toilets in Japan. It does so in a style quite reminiscent of the popular series of fake instructional videos entitled “The Japanese Tradition,” which also poke fun at many aspects of Japanese society.

The second half, which is in a sense the entire reason for the video, informs viewers about the company’s new “Cell phone toilet paper” campaign.

The video explains that smart phones are said to carry more than 5 times the germs than a toilet seat and that DoCoMo is now providing special “smart phone toilet paper” in select bathrooms that will allow you to clean your phone.

The wipes can be flushed down the toilet just like regular toilet paper and even provides you with potentially useful information on Wi-Fi. Currently, there are only 86 locations that will offer this service and the campaign is only planned to last from December 16th to Marth 15th,2017.

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