Two High School Girls Battle For A Seat On A Train (Video)

The Japanese railway company Nishitetsu has released a humorous video about train etiquette that features two high school girls viciously competing for an empty seat on a crowded Japanese train.

The video, called Air Chair High School Girls (kuuki isu joshikousei), shows two high school girls engaging in all sorts of inappropriate and sometimes just bizarre behavior, all because there's an empty seat on a crowded train and they really want to sit down. Although the video is very amusing, the intent behind the video was to show people an example of how they shoulldn't behave when riding a train.

After all the craziness the video ends with a warning that clearly tells viewers that they should not do the air chair or any of the other things the girls do in the video. By the way, an air chair is when you bend at the knees and pretend you are sitting on air. 

The video is about 2 minutes long, features beatboxing and there is no spoken dialogue so its quite amusing even if you dont know any Japanese. Enjoy (and yeah, as Nishitetsu says, dont do this kind of stuff next time youre on a train in Japan).

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