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“God Of Apartment” Robs Apartment Tenants

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According to police, at a little after 1:00 AM on
December 6th, Kento Yoshida, 20-years old, used a knife to threaten and steal
cash from multiple residents of an apartment building in Osaka. Yoshida, who
works as a host, was quoted by victims as saying “I am the god of this
apartment building.”

Police received 3 separate reports of similar distubrances from the apartment
buildings. Upon arrival they found Yoshida still wielding the knife and
arrested him for violating the Swords and Firearms Control Law. After his
arrest Yoshida, who is a resident of the apartment building where these
incidents took place, explained to police that he had been drunk at the time of
the incidents and was currently having money problems.

Not surprisingly, this guy turned out to be far from “god-like.”
In the end, he was just a drunk host that probably owed money to the wrong
person. Something which I’m sure happens a lot. The host/hostess world can be
quite competitive and involve very large sums of money. That also means that
some shady characters often get involved and perhaps this “god” guy owed money
to one of these guys. Or perhaps he was just a lousy host that couldn’t get his
customers to buy enough booze, leaving him scrambling for rent money. I doubt
we’ll ever find out.
Source: TV Asahi

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