Foot Licking Man Licks Again (Follow-up)

This is a follow-up to a story from November 17th, titled Serial Foot LickerCaught After 4 Years At Large.

Akira Nishiyama, who was arrested by Kyoto police on November 7th for forcibly licking a woman’s foot for about 35 minutes has been arrested again for a similar incident.

According to police the new incident occurred at about 9 AM in Kyoto’s Fushimi Ward on September 16th, about 2 months after the original incident that led to his arrest. Much like in the original incident Nishiyama asked a woman who happened to be passing by to help him fix his brake lights. The woman, who was in her 30’s, agreed to help Nishiyama. Nishiyama then asked her to step on the brake pedal for him so she then sat in the driver’s seat of the car and that is when Nishiyama crawled into the car and began to lick the soles of her feet. This continued for about 20 minutes.

After about 20 minutes the woman told Nishiyama “There is something I have to do so I would like to go home.” Upon hearing this, Nishiyama, ever the gentleman, very gratefully said “Thank you” and let her go. Although, Nishiyama has admitted to asking the woman to press the brake pedal for him he is denying these new allegations.

To date, about 50 women have come forth and talked to police about being involved in similar incidents. These women range in age from about 20 to about 50. Aside from the wide age range of his victims it is also being reported that these women did not share any significant similarities appearance-wise, suggesting that Nishiyama was solely targeting these women for their feet.

Contrary to initial reports it is now being reported that he is not married to the woman Nishiyama had been living with. A source close to the investigation was quoted as saying “Why couldn’t he have just been licking that women’s feet the whole time... I guess he wasn’t satisfied with just one woman’s feet.”

Here’s one last piece of information that I found particularly amusing. Although the police gave this guy the nickname of “The Foot Licking Man” (
足舐め男 – ashi name otoko) people online have given this guy a different nickname. Online Nishiyama has become known as “Yokai ashi name” (溶解あし), which roughly translates to “The Foot Licking Monster.” That’s a very rough translation though, since yokai are a type of traditional Japanese mythical creature that can be translated as monster, demon, goblin or even spirit. They’re prominently featureed in the popular anime series Yo-kai Watch. You can learn more about yokai here.

I’m seriously getting the feeling that I’m going to have to write about 50 more follow-ups to this story…

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