Eyebrow Dance Music Video

The musical group, Charan-Po-Rantan, released a music video for a new song called "mayuge dansu" (まゆげダン) or “eyebrow dance." The music video for the song,features the two female members of the group, as one would expect, wearing various kinds of eyebrows and dancing along to the music. The song will be released on January 18th as part of the group's new album entitled, "Toritomenashi" (トリトメナシ)

Lucky Ikeda, who is known for his choreography work on the Yokai Taiso from Yo-kai Watch and also his work with major musical groups like AKB48, Golden Bomber and Morning Musume did the choreography for the video. Enjoy.

Although the video and song are on the surface rather silly, the deeper message contained within the song’s lyrics is that nobody is the same and our differences should be appreciated because they are what in part help make us unique individuals. Given the ongoing problems that Japan is having with children being bullied this is a very welcome and needed message. Sadly, something as small as the shape of one’s eyebrows can end up being what children latch on to and use to bully another child so hopefully this message of acceptance does not go completely unheard.

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