E-girls Are Hard At Work In Their New Music Video

The female music group E-girls has released a music video for a new song called “All Day Long Lady” from their new album called E.G. CRAZY, which is set to be released on January 18th.

The song is meant as an anthem for the modern women of Japan, who work tirelessly week after week, all while successfully managing their work lives and love lives.

In the video the E-girls can be seen playing busy female office workers (OL) at an apparel company, who never lose their cool despite all the pressures of working in a hectic job. Throughout the video the E-girls can be seen going through the daily routine of many “OL” in Japan, waking up, getting ready for work and trying their best to keep up with all the responsibilities that come with being a busy working woman. There is also plenty of dancing.

Then, towards the end of the video the music and visual style change quite drastically. In this portion of the video another song from the E-girls new album, called HARAJUKU TIME BOMB, can be heard. This part of the video is meant to symbolize something that one might dream of when they start to nod off at their desk at work, in this case that dream happens to be participating in a fun fashion show.

 The concept behind the song and video is certainly interesting and may actually give strength to many working women in Japan. However, not every woman may be able to take the message behind the song so positively. There are many young working women in Japan, that are far more concerned with things like providing for their family than trying to find a successful balance between their work lives and love lives. Nevertheless, the song is still notable for being a pop song that at the very least makes an attempt to touch on some
elements of female empowerment, something which mainstream Japanese pop songs rarely even try to do.

Source: MUSICman-NET
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