Drunk Driver Drinks More To Hide Drunk Driving

On December 1st a man in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture was arrested for allegedly committing a hit-and-run while driving under the influence of alcohol. It is also being alleged that the man tried to hide that he was already intoxicated at the time of the incident by drinking more alcohol after fleeing the scene of the crime.

According to police, the 56-year old suspect, Nobutaka Ogawa was driving his small truck while intoxicated on the night of November 30th, when he collided with a 17-year old young man on a motorcycle. He then left the scene of the accident and went to a nearby ramen shop where he began drinking sake in order to conceal that he was already drunk when he hit the young man. An employee at the ramen shop has stated that Ogawa already seemed intoxicated when he entered the ramen shop that night.

Although Ogawa has admitted to hitting the young man on the motorcycle by accident he is claiming that he did not begin drinking until he arrived at the ramen shop.

Given that the man was driving a type of work truck it seems that he likely worked as a driver. So obviously getting caught driving while drunk would be pretty bad news for this guy. A hit-and-run is also pretty bad though. If it really was just a simple accident not caused by being drunk then it seems that there would be no need to flee the scene but I guess this guy is claiming otherwise. Anyway, at the very least no one got killed. The young man that got hit was injured but it appears that none of his injuries were serious.

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