Man Secretly Cuts Off Women's Hair For Money

On December 5th police in Aichi prefecture arrested a 23-year old man for secretly cutting a woman’s hair while on a train in order to sell the hair online.

According to police, between 7:40 and 7:55 AM on December 5th the suspect, Akiya Yoshida, used scissors to cut a handful of hair, measuring about 35 centimeters, from the head of a 40-year old woman while riding a Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line train. The female victim did not notice or sustain any injuries. The incident took place during the morning rush hour and as such was extremely crowded, which may have been in part why the female victim did not notice Yoshida’s actions.

After his arrest Yoshida, a graduate student and resident of Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, admitted to the allegations, saying “I did it to sell on online auctions.”

Since May of 2013 about 30 similar incidents, mainly taking place on Aichi trains, have been reported to police. Aside from cases like this most recent one, where the victim’s hair was cut, there were also incidents where victims had pieces of their skirts cut off. Due to these previous incidents Nagoya police were patrolling the trains and on high alert on the morning of Deember 5th. Yoshida has admitted to these other incidents as well.

I can totally relate to being a poor student but I can’t say I’ve ever prowled Japanese trains looking for women’s hair that I could cut off and sell online. I guess he must have been making money though, since it seems he’d been at this for quite a while. However, as often is the case in these sorts of matters, he didn't know when to stop. I wonder how much he was making though and who the heck was buying these locks of hair and pieces of skirts. I can't help but feel it wasn't doll makers though.

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