Tokyo Man Cooks Up Bizarre Revenge Plot Involving Stockings A Tea Leaves

On November 30th Tokyo police revealed that they had arrested a 40-year old man for repeatedly sending garbage items to former childhood acquaintances as part of a revenge plot.

According to Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Shigeta Miura, an unemployed resident of Musashino City, sent over 500 pieces of mail during the period of August 2015 until October 2016. The pieces of correspondence contained garbage items such as rotten tea leaves, empty candy wrappers and women’s stockings.

Miura sent the pieces of correspondence to 4 different men who had been part of his Boy Scout troop from elementary school through high school. Miura claimed that they had bullied him as a child. He said that they had forced him to eat his bento (boxed lunch) by himself. Police have not yet been able to confirm whether the bullying Miura is claiming actually took place.

Miura is being charged with having violated an anti-nuisance ordinance. He has admitted to the charges and was quoted by police as saying “I did it as revenge for being bullied (as a child).”

Thankfully, the items that Miura sent were rather innocuous. In fact, they were so innocuous that it makes you wonder how exactly this even qualifies as a revenge plot. Perhaps he was planning to keep doing this for years and years until his 4 targets just snapped. I really can’t quite comprehend the logic behind Miura’s actions but I suppose that’s just proof that Miura was not in a sound state of mind. In any case, this is just another reminder of the negative impact bullying can have on someone’s life. Not that we really needed one since the topic of bullying seems to come up almost daily in the news in Japan.

Source: NHK,

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