Nara Man's Love Of Sweaty Baseball Uniforms Leads To Arrest

A man in Nara Prefecture was arrested on November 22nd for stealing unwashed baseball uniforms, undershirts and socks from a university baseball team’s clubhouse. After his arrest Torao Fukuda, a 30-year old unemployed resident of Sakai City, Osaka admitted to haveing committed the theft. He was quoted by police as saying “I am interested in men and I wanted clothes that smelled of sweat so I stole (the clothing).”

According to police Fukuda snuck into the private university in Nara on November 5th at about 9:40 AM. Fukuda spent about 35 minutes there, during which he entered the baseball team’s unlocked clubhouse and stole 20 pieces of unwashed clothing, including baseball uniforms, undershirts and socks. Police are reporting that the total value of the stolen items amounts to about 18,000 yen (about 160 dollars).

Fukuda also admitted to having stolen uniforms from other universities. Police have confiscated these clothing items from his apartment.

Although you often hear about men stealing women’s panties in Japan this is the first time I’ve ever seen a story about a man stealing men’s clothing. You would think that this guy could have tried to find a better way to get his hands on some sweaty clothing. However, the lack of income from being unemployed must have limited his options and forced him to become a serial baseball uniform stealer. I can’t help but wonder why he targeted baseball teams specifically though. Did he have a thing for baseball players? Or maybe they just have more potent sweat? Or perhaps other teams actually bother to lock their clubhouses?

Source: Sanke WEST
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