Skating Rink Featuring 5000 Frozen Fish Shut Down

The theme park Space World, which is located in the city of Kitakyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture, closed their skating rink on November 27th after receiving harsh criticism about their decision to freeze about 5,000 actual sea creatures into the ice of their skating rink as part of a special event. 

The event was called the “Ice Aquarium” and was advertised as a way for park visitors to “feel like they are skating on the surface of the ocean.” On their official website, Space World called it “unprecedented” and saird it was ‘A first in the history of Japan. No, a first in the history of the world.”

The attraction featured 25 different varieties of sea creatures all obtained from a local fish market. Although a variety of different fish species were used the attraction also featured crabs and even pictures of larger sea creatures like whale sharks and rays, all of which were frozen in the ice of the skating rink.

Though much of the criticism the park received was directed at the attraction itself, the park also received criticism for posting pictures of the fish to their Facebook page with strange captions like “I’m d- d- drowning! I’m in a- a- agony.” and “I can’t breathe anymore!”

After the skating rink opened on November 12th people on social media began complaining about fish heads sticking out of the ice, ice skates cutting into the ice and making contact with the fish and fish blood that had frozen into the ice. Many also complained about the bizarre and disrespectful nature of the attraction. After noticing this backlash the park apologized, noting that the event caused “discomfort” and was “inappropriate.”

Now that the skating rink has been closed work has begun on the removal of the sea creatures from the ice. NHK is reporting that the fish will receive funerary services and that they will be used as fertilizer. The park is planning to reopen the skating rink fish-free in late December.

While the concept that the park was going for was certainly unique it seems they really didn’t plan this whole thing very well. The use of real fish seems rather unhygienic and I can’t help but imagine that the place had to smell at least a little fishy. It’s probably smelling pretty horrible right now since they have to melt the ice in order to get all those dead fish out of there. They should’ve just gone with pictures and fake fish. That way they would’ve avoided this whole fiasco. Plus, had the fish been fake then they could’ve made all the strange jokes they wanted on Facebook page and nobody would have cared.

Here is a report NHK did on this story.

Source: Yahoo News Japan, BIGLOBE, NHK
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